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[NJ] Operation of K-Seafood Anchor Shop (Eastcoast, US & Europe Region) Recruitment Announcement (2022)



The Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries and National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives will recruit operators who can promote Anchor Shop Project in 2022 to increase awareness and preference of Korean Seafood products and expand the base for future export expansion.

1. Purpose

By establishing and operating Anchor-Shop suitable for local market such as shop in shop in local grocer to increase awareness and preference of Korean seafood products and expanding the bas for export expansion

2. Project Period

Contracted date of the year 2022 ~ November 30th (At least 3 months)

3. Qualification

Local importer or vendor*, Cooperation located in overseas from domestic exporter, or domestic exporter**


* Candidate companies must have 2 years or more experience as local importer. For the shop in shop in large retailer, the proof of performance as shop in shop store is needed.

** For the domestic candidate company must be able to install and run the Anchor shop in overseas.

5. How to Apply

 - Application Period : ​March 2nd 2022 (Wed) ~ March 21st (Mon)

 - Documents to be submitted

   ● Application Form

   ​ Business Registration

   ● Financial Statement(most recent year)

   ​ Proof of Import/Export Performance from previous year

   ​ Confirmed list of items that were used as import and export

   ​ Proof of previous year’s local performance and entrance history to a large distributor

 -  E-mail to : nj@kfishtrade.com, kfishusa@gmail.com

   ● Selection of applicants within the budgett range, if the number of participation is not satisfied within the recruitment, we'll choose a applicants first-come-first-served basis

  ​ ● E-mail Subject : (Company Name) 2002 K-Seafood Anchor-Shop Project