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Ollebadang fishermen`s Union Corporation


Company Introduction

  • Storage Method

    Freeze storage below -18℃

  • Expiration Date

    2 years from date of manufacture

  • Main Material

    Mackerel (Korea), sea salt (Korea)

  • Content of Main materials

    99.5% mackerel (Korea) and 0.5% sea salt (Korea)

  • Origin

    Republic of Korea

  • Product Release Date


  • Size


  • Weight


  • Number of Carton


  • MOQ

1. High-quality mackerel caught in clean Jeju waters

Hanole Mackerel flesh is frozen in the freshest state because mackerel caught on the same day in the clean Jeju sea is trimmed on the same day.

02. Produced by HACCP-certified sanitary facilities

Since its HACCP certification on July 26, 2012, Ollebadang fishermen's union corporation has established a systematic hygiene management system to ensure continuous safety and quality of its products and has been renewing its HACCP certification so far.

03.  It is vacuum-packed individually after cleaning and cleaning, so you can cook it right away without any additional trimming.

Mackerel is individually vacuum-packed after washing, grooming, salting, and cleaning, so even those who have difficulty touching the fish can cook conveniently, and because it is individually packaged, it can be used as much as necessary for convenient cooking and storage.

04. K-FISH Certification Representing South Korean Seafood Products in 2022

Hanole Mackerel flesh has obtained K-FISH certification in 2022 in recognition of its excellent quality and is being exported to the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam with the Korean Taegeuk mark.