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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Matters not specified in these terms and conditions are subject to relevant laws.

1. Membership Registration

① When a user applies for sign-in, it takes effect if the user expresses his or her intention to agree to these terms and conditions after filling in the member information according to the form set by the Korean Seafood On-line Expo website (hereinafter referred to as this website).

② This website approves users who have agreed to the terms and conditions as members, and in the following cases, the membership may be deprived.

- In case of false registration

- In case of duplicate application and use

- When an application is made for the purpose of hindering public order or social morals, or when writing a post of this nature on the website

- If it is judged that the operation of this website is significantly impeded

- If the administrator of this website deems it necessary

2. Website Usage Hours

① Excluding specific reasons such as natural disasters and system maintenance, users can use 24 hours a day until December 10, 2020.

② The service provided directly by the manager is 09:00~19:00 on days excluding Korean national holidays and every Saturday.

3. Restrictions and Suspension of Service Provision

In the following cases, this website may limit or stop providing services in part or in whole. This website is not responsible for any problems arising from the suspension of service provision.

- When natural disasters, national emergencies, government budget changes, or other force majeure events occur or are likely to occur

- In case of maintenance, construction or failure of service facilities

- If there is a problem with the use of the service due to congestion, etc.

- When the key telecommunication service provider has stopped telecommunication service

- If the administrator of this website deems it necessary

4. Change of Service and Membership Service

① The content of the service to users is determined by the policy of this website and may be changed or discontinued.

② In principle, this website provides all information and services for free to all users who comply with these terms and conditions. However, some services are provided only to members who have signed up for membership.

- Authority to write: Regarding the bulletin board operated on this website, only members are given the authority to write and consult.

- My Page: This is a service that provides storage of information that needs to be kept separately among the information provided by this site.

5. Content

① If you have any questions regarding the accuracy, stability, or quality of the content on this website, please contact the listed company (participating company) corresponding to the content.

② The rights and responsibilities of the content posted by the user rest with the user.

③ This website has the right to edit and move the content posted by the user within this website without prior notice, and may use the user's content for non-profit purposes.

④ In the following cases, content can be deleted without prior notice.

- If you have posted a post that is considered illegal, obscene or vulgar

- In the case of content that slanders or defames other third parties

- If the content is in violation of public order and morals

- If the content is recognized as being related to a criminal act

- In case of containing content that may harm or cause harm to other people

- In case of posting content that infringes other rights such as copyright of a third party

- In case of violation of the terms and conditions of this service or an act prohibited by relevant laws

- If the website administrator deems it necessary, such as containing other inappropriate content

6. Link

This website may provide links to third-party sites or materials, and as we do not have control over the website or material associated with the link, we are not responsible for the object connected through the link.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information

This website may provide personal information such as the user's name and e-mail address to a third party within the range permitted by law in the following cases.

- When it is determined that business exchange between exhibitors and users is necessary for import and export business

- When the Suhyup Federation, which is the organizer of this website, wants to send out information materials for promotion of Korean seafood

- If required by other laws

8. In Case of Exemption

① We are not responsible for any obstacles to using this website due to reasons attributable to the user.

② We shall not be held liable for any problems arising between users or between users and a third party in relation to product transactions, money loss, etc. that occurred through this website.

9. Competent Court

In the event of legal proceedings regarding disputes arising from the use of this website, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Suhyup Federation, which is the organizer of this website, shall be the competent court.